Coucou !

Welcome to some kind of platform where you’ll find out what sort of things has occurred to my mind me to do !

This is a blog I made and the main idea behind it was to tell my friends and family all together what kind of stuff I‘ve been, I am and I will be into during my year in France as an exchange studentAnd luckily in addition to the main idea I’ve always liked writing and there’s no adventure I could do without my camera, so here we go!

I’m writing in english and my writing skills in english are on their way (to highway I hope) but happily pictures are multilingual while my inner Shakespeare might not be.

There’s many things i wanna write about or take pictures of but romantically said I guess that in the end all the creative things have their roots in the stories and dreams I want to tell and share and usually the best stories happen by accident under the starry sky, in the middle of the roaring storm or during the sail over the glittering sea

Writing, pictures and a will to experience, see and learn things have been the kick to my dream of travelling around the world and becoming a journalist. Maybe one day I will be able to say “I sailed around the world.” or “I’ve seen every country in Africa.”

And then I’d have my own book café full of great stories and good coffee ( + chocolate muffins with orange truffle filling ! ) cause what’s a world without coffee, chocolate and stories 💛

À Demain ! 🍀